CPT stands for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). It is known as the employment which forms an integral part of the already established curriculum which includes various alternate modes of working and studying or taking up internship and cooperative education.

It also includes different types of internship programs that are offered by the employers who sponsor these training with the help of collective agreements taking place with the school. Kareerkonnect offers one of the best CPT courses in the world. Various international students come from across the world to take admission in our institute.

  • We at Kareerkonnect help the individuals to follow their dreams and pursue CPT job search mainly in the US and have till date helped them get placed in more than 500 companies.
  • We at Kareerkonnect are recognized as one of the leading IT consulting firms which form a bridge in between the international students and the various IT companies.
  • IT companies look for employees who are well trained for the job.
  • We at Kareerkonnect keep this in mind and prepare our students to the best of our knowledge and provide them with the required resources to help them secure a job and excel in their respective fields.
  • Kareerkonnect is E-verified and helps the students to pursue CPT courses.

Moreover, we help our international students to complete their documentation works which are required to complete their training or in their placements.

An Insight on our CPT courses:

Our CPT courses can be pursued only before your degree program completion, and another essential criterion is that you must have a job offer right when you apply for it. Our CPT employment does not always necessarily delay the completion of the academic activities.

Our company provides free training and placements in the following technological areas such as

  • Java Full-stack development
  • Microsoft .Net Full-stack development
  • UI –Frontend development
  • SSIS/SSRS/Tableau Development
  • Informatica ETL /PL SQL Development
  • DevOps Engineer
  • QA Testing
  • Business Analyst

Free Training Programs:

We assure to provide free training programs which are offered by well-experienced professionals and trainers in the field of Information technology. Moreover, we guarantee quick placements on the completion of the course with over 500 clients. Kareerkonnect also offers free accommodation to its students and guides in fields like resume building and preparation for the interviews.

Why choose us?

We train the students as per their interest in any particular field. Our teachers are highly professional, and they part with the best of their knowledge to their students. We offer realtime guidance and explanation on the project which you have undertaken.

Moreover, access to numerous online training websites is provided by Kareerkonnect and that too free of cost. We also bear the entire travel expense of the employees — exposure to Realtime project guidance and explanation. Kareerkonnects is E-verified for CPT extension and can support form i983 for eligible OPT students. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer