A DevOps engineer is responsible for handling the coding and scripting which they need to connect the elements of the code. They also integrate other components like SQL data management with their software. For this, they need to collaborate with the development team.

Hence, we can say that DevOps aims to cause a stronger alignment between IT operations and hardcore business. This is where KareerKonnect comes in. KareerKonnect is a software outsourcing firm based in India.

Our DevOps engineers ensure to fulfill the below mentioned responsibilities.


Now, let us check the aims and responsibilities of a DevOPS engineer as provided by KareerKonnect.

  • To begin with, KareerKonnect follows the motto of ‘clients first.’
  • As a result, we choose qualified Devops engineers who will provide quality services to the clients.
  • They are open to changes suggested by the client.
  • Along with it, they are well-equipped in working with teams.
  • Among the technical skills, they possess a thorough knowledge of a variety of programming languages and scripting knowledge.
  • They can merge the business goals with the technical goals.
  • Last but not least, they are experts in working with many open-source tools and technologies.

Now, we hear a lot about AWS. AWS stands for Amazon Web services.  It is a cloud based service, which is a subsidiary of Amazon .Devops professionals at KareerKonnect are guided towards AWS certification.

The benefits of AWS Certification for Devops professionals are as follows:-

a)Trying out a galore of useful AWS services. However, they are not well-known. Knowledge of these lesser known AWS services helps their work

b) Exploring how a group of AWS services are connected to each other and benefit from one another.

To conclude, it is always better to hire professionals from KareerKonnect because they are flexible. Flexibility is needed because coding changes frequently. Also, they possess knowledge of infrastructure and the skills to provide a secure software.