Kareerkonnect is a leading organization that provides individuals with training services in software programs,a consultancy in Information technology (IT), being part of technology workshops, and project guidance. By using the best present methodology, innovative approach, high-valued services, and eminent professionals, Kareerkonnect easily makes up to be an efficient institute of training.

Kareerkonnect provides services of GC sponsorship to its employees and students. GC Sponsor is a significant service provided by Kareerkonnect to its student members and employers.

What is a GC Sponsor?

A green card (GC) sponsor means a financial sponsor who holds the citizenship of the United States of America, or, is a green card or a permanent resident of the States. Such a person undertakes the legal responsibility for supporting an individual who is applying for a green card.


GC sponsor requirements

  • An Employee/applicant is not a citizen of the USA.
  • Employee/applicant is not a permanent resident of the USA.
  • Employee/applicant does not hold a green card
  • Employee/applicant to meet standards of the alien labor certificate 

Kareerkonnect as a GC Sponsor

Kareerkonnect is an institution that believes in the idea of an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and provides placement quickly and easily. As an employer who takes up the role of a GC Sponsor, we at Kareerkonnect provide an employee with sponsorship for their green card provided the employee is not a citizen of the United States of America. Such an employee needs to meet the alien labor certification standard laid down. After this, the workforces with the help of Kareerkonnect’s sponsorship shall be providedthe legal permission to work in the country and permanently reside here as well.

Kareerkonnect’s role as a GC sponsor

  • Financial responsibility of an employee
  • The Legal obligation of the employee

As a green card sponsor, Kareerkonnect ensures a comfortable and hassle-free positive working environment for its employees. Hence, by providing GC services to employees we are providing security and reliability to our employees.