Kareerkonnect is an eminent organization that provides individuals with information technology (IT) consulting, program guidance,technology workshops, and software training. A leading organization that uses the best methodology, approach, expertise in delivering its services to customers.

An Overview of Our Services

As a training guide, Kareerkonnect promises the best services to its clients. Kareerkonnect’s services span over the following areas:

  • OPT training and OPT jobs
  • CPT training and CPT jobs
  • Student services
  • Employer services

Overall, Kareerkonnect’s services include optical practical training (OPT), curricular practical training (CPT), student services, and employer services to individuals.

Technology Programs Covered

In its OPT and CPT training programs, Kareerkonnect trains in the following fields of technology while training students in OPT and CPT training Programs. These technology programs further help in giving a better understanding of the courses mentioned above:

  • Information ETL/PL SQL development
  • Java Full-Stack development
  • DevOps engineer
  • UI Frontend development
  • SSIS/SSRS/Tableau development
  • Net full-stack development
  • Business analysis
  • QA testing

Additional Benefits from Our Services

Kareerkonnect doesn’t only train individuals in the aforementioned programs. All our services come along with certain benefits to each customer to chooses us. OPT and CPT Training providestudents of the course with job opportunities in the same field.There are many benefits to opting for our services and connecting with Kareerkonnect:

  • OPT jobs
  • CPT jobs
  • Free training programs
  • Accommodation
  • Interview preparation

Why choose Kareerkonnect?

Kareerkonnect is leading service providing in its field of work. Choosing us will guarantee you the following advantages:

  • Accessibility to several online portals
  • Training is free of cost
  • Accommodation availability
  • International exposure
  • Placement availability

By providing the best training programs, placement opportunity technological skill development of individuals Kareerkonnect leaves no stone unturned in providing its clients an amazing learning experience and a positive environment to work in. With a dedicated and expert team of professionals, we ensure that our services are the best in the industry.