Quality assurance is a service or a process to check that an organization is producing the best possible products or services to their clients or customers. It is better to include testing under quality control than under quality assurance.

We at KareerKonnect offer a highly skilled set of testers. In this context, people must wonder why customers should choose our services over others. So, let’s have a look at the reasons behind it.


  • To begin with, KareerKonnect is an organization which outsources software. This organization is based in India.
  • It follows the motto of “clients-first”. So, we believe in testing any software thoroughly before providing it to the customers.
  • As a result, customers get access to the best quality software.
  • We get the software testing done by professionals who are not biased towards a particular software.
  • Furthermore, we make sure that no changes are done to the software while it is being tested.
  • In this process, we must keep in mind that software which we are testing has already been designed as well code.
  • However, we initially test the software before it is released so that the customer doesn’t end up with defective software
  • Also, we provide ensure testing. Agile breaks the development process into tiny bits.
  • This helps the people who are conducting the tests to work with the rest of the team members. As a result, they can fix any error the moment it is delivered.
  • To conclude, our testers implement different test strategies.

All our software have passed the Test Maturity Model And CMMI model. Last but not least, we follow the best possible tactics for testing because firms like Apple pay a hefty sum for finding a security bug in their software.