Salesforce is a platform for managing the customer relationship. It hosts a group of technology which supports the development of other technologies. These may include something as simple as developing a webpage.

Here, our organization named KareerKonnect comes to play. We are am India-based company. We have employed the best salesforce developers. Naturally, clients are eager to find out why our Salesforce developers have an edge over others. We can find it out from the reason below:-


Responsibilities of our Salesforce Developer:-

Now, we must understand that a Salesforce developer has a few key responsibilities. The responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer from us are as follows:-

  • They need to work on mobile or website applications
  • They should develop a variety of apps for other Salesforce users
  • They also need to check the current reports of the cases which they are handling at present
  • They need to integrate the platform with other systems
  • Last, but not least, they need to customize the environment of Salesforce, so that it suits the particular client they are dealing with

Apart from being aware of their responsibilities, Salesforce Developers need to have a few key skills. Let’s have a look at the skills which a Salesforce Developer we have hired can deliver.

Skills of our Salesforce Developer:-

A Salesforce Developer we recruit needs to possess a few technical skills and a few non-technical skills. The technical skills are as follows:-

a)Data security

b) Basics of Search Solutions

c) The framework which is lightning

d)Data Management

e) Basics of VIsualforce

f)How to customize the Salesforce app

g)How to manage data

h) Experience in some programming language like Java

i)How to develop platform

j) Basic knowledge of developing

To conclude, a software developer has to listen to the client. A level of communication is required to interact with foreign clients who our developers are well versed with.