Kareerkonnect aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of software professionals in the fast-growing technology-driven world. Kareerkonnect uses the best resources to work towards offering students the best software training available in the entire industry.

Kareerkonnect’s training programs offer services to students that allows them to be trained in courses like optical practical training (OPT), curricular practical training (CPT), software training, and even attend training workshops and consultation programs.

These courses formulate an essential part of the services offered to students by Kareerkonnect. At Kareerkonnect we believe in ensuring giving an output to best software professionals to the industry.


Student services offered by Kareerkonnect

  • Free training of courses to students
  • Practical experience through projects
  • Accessibility to best online portals in the field
  • Free of cost accommodation
  • Placement opportunity available
  • Consulting services
  • International exposure

The training programs available to students also help in enriching their technological exposure. The students get the chance to enhance their skills technologically with a large portion of practical experience during the program. Training services to students largely cover their technology programs like:

  • Java Full-Stack development
  • SSIS/SSRS/Tableau development
  • Business analysis
  • UI Frontend development
  • QA testing
  • DevOps engineer
  • Information ETL/PL SQL development
  • Net full-stack development

Studying training courses under Kareerkonnect’s guidance and by covering the aforementioned technology programs ensure quality training of students to becoming efficiently trained software professionals in the industry. It can offer several benefits to their future.

Benefits derived from Kareerkonnect’s programs

  • Quality training
  • Increased chances of success
  • Better career and placement opportunities
  • Job security
  • A friendly and convenient learning environment
  • More practical experience
  • Specialization opportunity
  • Cost-effective

Hence, we at Kareerkonnect don’t just train you intellectually in your field of interest but work towards making you an asset in the software industry. We ensure great inculcation of training and skill development in students most conveniently and beneficially.